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 Riverbelle - Free Blackjack offers information on where to play blackjack for free and which casinos will give you the best bonuses on your deposits. These casinos are our favorites for free play or real money...

This site has a simple, single goal: to be the best place on the Internet to play free flash blackjack games. In order to achieve that goal, I've done the following things:
  • Included several pages of free, no download blackjack games. This was the first and most important step of course. All of the blackjack games on this site are flash games powered by Rivebelle Casino, which is an online casino on the Microgaming platform. There is no cost to play any of these blackjack games - they are all completely free. So no matter why you want to play, whether it's in order to perfect your basic strategy or just kill some time, the games on this site should suit your purpose.
  • Included a tutorial for how to play each of the different blackjack games featured here. Variety is the spice of life, and not all 21 games are exactly the same. In fact, the rules variations from one game to another can be radically different and can result in different strategies. On each of the game pages I've included a description of the black jack variant and how it's played.
  • Written information about the actual casinos in the actual locations. Play Free Flash Blackjack Games - Black Jack 21You'll notice that there are pages for games tied to specific locations, like the Vegas Strip or Downtown, or Atlantic City. I've included information about the real casinos and the blackjack tables there on each of those pages too, for easy reference.
  • Organized everything with a site map. If you're not interested in reading this text again, you can just bookmark the sitemap. That includes a listing of every page on the site along with information about what you can expect to find on that page.
  • Suggested other blackjack info sites. This site is not intended to be a guide to blackjack strategy or even a guide to all the places where you can play blackjack online. There are other sites that offer this information, and I've included recommendations for what I think the best blackjack info sites are there. All the information sites are free too; I'm not a fan of sites with paid subscriptions.

Blackjack games can be extremely rewarding to play in many ways. Not only do they offer some of the best odds in the casino, sometimes with a house edge of only 0.5% or so, but they're also some of the most fun games available. 21 is a thinking man's game. The decisions you make have an effect on your outcome, and if you make better decisions while you play, you'll see (over the long run) better results. To my way of thinking this is far more satisfying than playing slots, where no decision you make is going to have any effect on your outcome at all.

Blackjack can also be a more exciting and interesting card game to play just to kill some time. To me, it's far more exciting and interesting than solitaire for example, which is boring to the extreme as far as I'm concerned. Play at online casino sites for the chance to win real money.


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